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In the films of the 1930s', there was one whose talent stood out among the rest.  Sadly, she was, according to 'Picturegoer' magazine "an actress whose screen career has suffered from the inability in the past of our industry to make the most of its' acting talent".

I have recently read a comment on a website dedicated, as this website is, to Nova Pilbeam (, stating that, to anyone who has seen her on the screen, Nova is "unforgettable" and that "for most that have seen her on screen, she will always be a young, attractive and unforgettable heroine."


I couldn't have said it better myself, and I'm sure that if Nova knew of the growing fan base she had today, both in Britain and elsewhere, she would be very pleased indeed.


In an interview done in June of 1990, Nova said that, when she went along to a screening of Young and Innocent recently, she was amazed by the number of young people in the picture theatre.  "I would have thought that Young and Innocent was a very dated film," said Nova,  "yet they seemed to find it fascinating"


I, for one, have seen Nova Pilbeams memorable performance in Young and Innocent, and Alfred Hitchcock couldnt have chosen a better leading lady for the part of Erica Burgoyne.  Alongside Derrick De Marney, she played an excellent part.


"Nova Pilbeam is an actress who could," according to Picturegoer, "have rivaled American teen-ages and have won a world reputation"


On a personal note, the first of Novas films I saw was on ABC TV in the small hours of a Monday morning (it was unfortunate I wasnt able to watch Little Friend to its conclusion, but I was able to have it taped a year later, when the ABC recommenced its loop of classic films), and I thought she was captivating.  I went to the library and hired out a video of Young and Innocent, and found her simply charming.


I went online and typed her name in on a Google search engine and found this page (well worth a look), and have been a regular viewer and poster there ever since.  There are many other actors and actresses profiled there as well, alongside Carole Sharps' excellent and meticulously researched biography of Nova.


I am pleased to be a part of such a community, giving such respect to brilliant, though forgotten stars such as Nova Pilbeam, as well as some of the more famous ones.

Nova Pilbeam